Як наші студенти працюють з волонтерами проекту «GoCamp»


July, 6,  we built sand castles with children and volunteers. It was so interesting help with this. Then director of Beryslav pedagogical college Marharita Klimovich with our region TV channel «Scythia» . Children presented their castles, sing songs and played a games with volunteers from GoGlobal. I had more positive impressions. We make more photos and discuss our impression about Go Global

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We have met with volunteers from GoGlobal. We spoke about summer, students, camps and so on. I helped leaders of children to speak with volunteers. They’re so happy, kind and cheerful people. Children were so shy, but they tried to tell something, it was very good. I’m sculpted turtle and panda with Ebru and Usi. I gave only cool impressions before meetings with volunteers. We are grateful to Marharita Klimovich. She gave me very good a chance to improve my English. In future I want to have a part of the same projects like Go Camp/

We played with volunteers and children on the beach. I helped children and their liders to speak with volunteers. It was so funny and interesting. Today will be concert and my team of translators show some English energy games.

Матеріал підготувала Анна Мацевич, студентка 123 групи

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